What's New on The Knowledge Basket?

Visit to Cook Islands

7 August - 10 September 2013: Dave Keet and Lindy Winterburn are currently on Rarotonga renewing contacts, and gathering data. We have some exciting new data sources we will announce once we have them up and running!

Cook Islands Constitution
31 July 2012

As our contribution to the Cook Islands Constitution anniversary celebrations, we are happy to announce the availability of a new downloadable ePub (eBook) version, and a browsable HTML version as of today. These are free for non-commercial use.

Fiji Broadcasting Limited's radio news on Niustext database
8 June 2012

New to Niustext - the radio newsfeed is updated twice a day and an archive beginning in 2007 to present day is being populated.

Pacific Economic Bulletin on Niustext database
18 May 2012

New to Niustext - Pacific Economic Bulletin
archives from June 1987 to December 2010 are now available for searching.

Pacific Scoop on Niustext database
14 March 2012

New to Niustext - Pacific Scoop
archives from 18 June 2009 and updated daily. Many thanks to Alastair Thompson and Professor David Robie for sharing this wonderful resource with Knowledge Basket researchers.

More Cook Islands news sources
11 November 2011

New to Niustext is the Cook Islands Herald archive, 2007-Jan 2010
Also the first archival issue on Mai Life, April 2010

Pacific Journalism Review
11 November 2011

The last issue of PJR for 2011 has been loaded into Niustext. Many thanks to David Robie at AUT Pacific Media Centre.

Pacific Journalism Review
18 July 2011

The latest issue of PJR (May 2011) and both May and October 2010 issues have been loaded into Niustext.

Pacific Journalism Review
18 July 2011

The latest issue of PJR (May 2011) and both May and October 2010 issues have been loaded into Niustext.

Islands Business
25 January 2011

Islands Business and Fiji Islands Business have now been brought up to date (January 2011)

Visit to the Pacific Islands
12 October 2010

The Knowledge Basket visited Fiji, Cook Islands and Samoa recently. The aim was to meet with librarians and publishers to discuss the region's resources and requirements. See more in News

Press Releases from the Pacific - free to browse
16 July 2010

Nearly 2000 Press Releases from the Pacific Islands have come into our Press Releases collection. You can browse the latest for free at:
and of course site licencees can search them all through the Niustext database.

New Training Videos
22 January 2010

Video Tutorials with help for Searching Niustext are now available here on the Support page.
We welcome your feedback and suggestions

Radio New Zealand International
18 December 2009

The Radio New Zealand International Newswire has been added to Niustext. Stories commence from 1 December, and several stories arrive every day.

Thank you for trialing The Knowledge Basket - Pacific Islands
1 September 2009

The trial period for trialing Niustext is now over. Thank you for your feedback and good wishes on this new venture. We have had many more offers of data and archival material from the Pacific Islands. Check out our News page for details of what is to some over the next few months. If you wish to take up a site license now, contact Lindy Winterburn - lindy@knowledge-basket.com

Welcome to the Cook Islands News!
1 September 2009

We are delighted to bring the Cook Islands News to you. CI News is updated daily in Niustext and you have access to an extensive archive of articles going back to 1992 - that's nearly 20 years of news from the Cook Islands! Our warm thanks to John Woods and the team at CI News for bringing this unique and invaluable resource to The Knowledge Basket.

The Knowledge Basket - Pacific Islands is launched!
8 June 2009

Thanks to all those publishers and contributors who have joined with us in beginning this new initiative for gathering news and information, current and archival for the Pacific Islands region.